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To feel and not to

I can feel
yes I can feel this wind on my face
yes i can smell this fragrance in the air
the mellow brushes of this gentle stream on my skin
the sensations of a thousand strands of grass on my feet
the velvety feel of a rose petal on my finger tips
i can feel
the warm sunshine on my shoulders
the cold rain pouring down from the sky
i can even feel
this old heart beat when u call out my name
but i don wanna feel
the pain when i need to say goodbye .. dr lionhearteagle

I saw a dream last night

I saw a dream last night,
I was surfing on a beach made of diamonds,
the sands were made of  silver crystal,
the sky was made of laughter,
the winds were made of your sweet breath,
the waves drench me up till my hair,
it was so beautiful that even god came down from heaven,
- Dr. Prashant Madan Mohan lionhearteagle

When it rains

When the rain pours and the lightning strikes, When the thunder roars and the trees gently rock,            I lay on my bed with thoughts in my head, Should i sail out now or should i halt instead, Cant refrain... cant remain         Cant resist... cant relinquish O Tell me that are you just a dream -Dr. LIONHEARTEAGLE

Dissolve disperse and diffuse in longing

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